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I only need a few hours assistance here and there, do you provide such a service?

Absolutely! This is just one of the many benefits to hiring outside of your organisation. Drop us a line so we can set up a consultation and work out what works best for you.

Do you charge extra for last-minute tasks?

I typically plan out my week in advance so sometimes there may not be space for completing last-minute tasks. It is always worth asking though as I may end up with a few hours free.

What are your working hours?

The beauty of self-employment is being able to choose my own hours. Sometimes an email may ping into your inbox late at night but I do typically work between the hours of 9am and 5pm. I will try my best to accommodate for any requests outside of these times.

Do you ever pass on work to others?

Not without speaking with the client first. With a few years of business consulting under my belt, I have some great working relationships with other contractors who are always happy to lend a hand or offer advice. This means that by using my services, you are gaining more than just my own knowledge and skills.

Your services don't quite match my requirements

Every business is different and the services I have listed on my site are only an example. Before taking on any work with a new client, I need to understand exactly what your requirements are to see where I can help you. The best way to do this is by setting up a call via the Enquire section of my site.

Do you work strictly online?

I try to embrace working online as much as possible but I appreciate that this doesn't work for everyone. I am based in the UK and am happy to meet in-person from time to time but please note this will be subject to travel expenses.

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